Tayler Scherr

Tayler received her B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana in May 2015. She began fieldwork in the summer of 2013, working with songbirds in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. Other field experiences include owl banding in western Montana, sage grouse and sharptail grouse surveying in eastern Montana, and small mammal trapping in western Wyoming. She spent three field seasons working as a technician on the Songbirds and Energy Development project in Pinedale, Wyoming, which led to her pursuing her masters in the Chalfoun lab.


Tayler is currently a M.S. student in the Zoology and Physiology department at the University of Wyoming, based in the WY Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. She is interested in how anthropogenic disturbances affect wildlife and their habitats. More specifically, her project looks at the synergistic effects of energy development and climate change on sagebrush obligate songbirds.