The Walters lab welcomes two new lab members!

BrianBrian Hickerson comes to the Wyoming coop unit from Arizona, where he graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in fisheries conservation and management. He has worked with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on native fish conservation projects focusing on Apache and Gila trout and Gila genus chubs.  The focus of his research at the University of Wyoming is evaluating potential reintroduction and refugia sites for hornyhead chub within the North Platte River drainage.  Additionally, he will seek to determine the effect of predation by non-native salmonids on existing hornyhead chub populations.  Outside of work, Brian can usually be found at a lake or stream with fly rod in hand.

AlexAlex LeCheminant received his B.S. in fisheries and wildlife management from Paul Smith’s College in Paul Smiths, NY prior to moving to Wyoming. He has spent the last three years working seasonally for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as a fisheries management technician, and most recently a spawn crew technician. Alex is studying the emigration and mortality of Colorado River cutthroat trout post stocking in the LaBarge Creek watershed located in the Wyoming Range. His research aims to aid in the restoration of 58 stream miles of the watershed by comparing hatchery reared cutthroat trout movement and mortality with differing stocking regimes in an effort to identify an optimal stocking strategy. In his spare time, Alex enjoys fishing, playing music, skiing and deflating his self-esteem by hunting mule deer.