M.S. Assistantship: Prairie fish habitat associations

The Walters lab is seeking a MS student to lead a project examining spatial and temporal variation in fish and mussel distributions in an intermittent prairie stream.

alpine lake winds

Graduate position available: Wyoming Anticipating Climate Transitions

We are seeking graduate students to work on a new NSF EPSCoR project aimed at addressing the ecological and socioeconomic consequences of climate-driven changes to water supply in Wyoming.


MS Assistantship on fish drought refuges

The Walters Lab is seeking applications for a funded master’s student to work on delineating drought refuges for rangeland stream fishes in eastern Wyoming and Montana.

boreal toad

New research on boreal toads

PhD student Gabe Barrile finds toads can switch habitats to clear disease.

Rich Walker at field site

New research on multiple stressors

Richard Walker’s research on oil and natural gas development and flow is out in Journal of Applied Ecology.

Postdoc available in Walters Lab

We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral research associate to work on drought and the implications for fish.

New research on tracking fish movement with Strontium isotopes

Lindsy Ciepiela (Walters lab) just published two papers in CJFAS.

New research on thermal guild development

Caitlin Mandeville’s (Walters lab) research integrating field & lab data to create a framework for developing temperature standards was just published.

Zack with burbot

Zack publishes research on Burbot movement and entrainment

Zack’s research on Burbot was recently published in Transactions of the American Fisheries Society and highlighted in WMI news bulletin.