N. Fork Shoshone River

Two MS positions available in Walters lab

Two M.S. graduate research assistantships are available in the Walters lab.

A pair of burbot from Bull Lake Creek

New research and people in the Walters lab

Lots of excitement in the Walters lab with two new research articles out and two new MS students joining the lab.

Alpine ecology and climate change

New research published on climate refuges

Dr. Anna Chalfoun and PhD candidate Embere Hall publish new research

New research published on evolutionary traps

Dr. Chalfoun publishes new research on evolutionary traps.

Undergraduate researcher in Coop receives A&S Outstanding Grad award!

Rhainnon Jakopak, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming, completed undergraduate research projects in both the Chalfoun lab and the Monteith shop.

brewer's sparrow nestlings

Recent media coverage of research on songbirds and energy development

A 7-year long study on sagebrush songbirds nesting on gas fields in western Wyoming seeks to understand why nests fail more frequently in areas with more habitat loss from energy development.

Coop Student Samantha Dwinnell Featured in Article by The Wildlife Society

Coop Student Samantha Dwinnell was featured in an article published by The Wildlife Society after receiving an honorable mention for her master’s work.

Monteith Wins 2016 Publication Award

Dr. Monteith won a 2016 Wildlife Publication Award by The Wildlife Society for his part in an analysis of horn and antler sizes.

Dr. Stanley Anderson inducted into Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame

Dr. Stanley Anderson was posthumously inducted into the Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame this year.

Lake Washington

Research testing early warning signals in lakes published in PNAS

Dr. Annika Walters is a co-author on a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.