Evaluating Moose Demography and Habitat Use in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

There has never been a detailed study of moose in the Bighorns. Consequently, seasonal ranges and migration corridors have not been mapped using current methods. Additionally, moose are not native to the Bighorns. Managers from the Bighorn National Forest have expressed concerns to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department regarding the amount of wild ungulate (especially moose) use of willow and aspen in many areas. Thus, there is a need to understand the intensity of moose browsing and how it influence moose habitat use and demography. This proposed project seeks to evaluate the population performance and seasonal range use of moose in the Bighorns.

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Lindsay Martinez
Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.)
Wyoming Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Department of Zoology & Physiology
University of Wyoming

Project Lead