Coop Student Samantha Dwinnell Featured in Article by The Wildlife Society

Coop Student Samantha Dwinnell was featured in an article published by The Wildlife Society after receiving an honorable mention for her master’s work.

Monteith Wins 2016 Publication Award

Dr. Monteith won a 2016 Wildlife Publication Award by The Wildlife Society for his part in an analysis of horn and antler sizes.

Dr. Monteith Co-Receives 2015 Wildlife Publication Award

Dr. Monteith is the lead author of “Life History Characteristics of Mule Deer: Effects of Nutrition in a Variable Environment,” which won in the award’s monograph category.

Mule Deer Project Attracts Media Attention

The Monteith Shop’s WY Range Mule Deer Project was recently covered by both the Casper Star Tribune and Wyoming Public Media.

Researchers capture bighorn sheep to help understand nutrition and disease

In a close collaboration across multiple agencies, researchers seek to understand the interactions among population density, nutrition, and disease in bighorn sheep.

Researchers seek to understand mule deer in the Wyoming Range

The Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project, initiated in March 2013, aims to understand the key factors regulating growth of mule deer in western Wyoming.